Saturday, August 24, 2013

Brooklyn Burger

 I was trying to remember the story of how I first discovered Brooklyn Burger. Magaly had heard about it and we'd been craving real burgers for sometime so we made the trek out there. All the great reviews had been from military wives loving it and giving driving instructions from the base and we were like WTF, where is this place. So we went to Seocho station and cabbed it over, turns out Express Bus Terminal station is much closer, directions at the bottom.

 Want real burgers with actual cheese and bacon? You're in the right spot. I've been there more than 5 times at this point bringing a new person every time and at one point we were going every other weekend. They have many different burgers all delicious, except for the potato chips one. The chips on it were kinda weird, Mags said.

They also have MILKSHAKES!!! Oh goodness, such unhealthy goodness. Nutella Marshmallow, yes please. We were getting both the burgers and milkshakes in the beginning, but had to stop 'cause we couldn't move afterwards.

WARNING: There's always a wait, at least on the weekends. First visit an hour and a half wait I'd say. WORTH IT though. Remember to write your name on the wait list. The staff is super nice and can speak okay English. Sometimes it's nice waiting because there's an amazing coffee shop, Monmouth right beside it where the coffee is divine and the blue lemonade is mesmerizing. Also macaroons!

Just down the street is Seocho, the French Village! There isn't that FRENCH stuff happening except for some rando signage and the French school. We haven't taken any of the back streets 'cause we've always been TOO FULL. We have however taken a detour and while walking to Seocho Station (Line 2) we found this really cute park called Mont... something really French. It's perfect for chilling out and watching hot French dads!

You can also easily get to Itaewon on the bus from here. Take the 421 from the bus stop diagonal to Exit 5. In case you wanted to get some groceries while stuffed!

Directions: Express Bus Terminal (Lines 3,7,9 Exit 5). Cross the street, turn right and head for the over pass. At the Hana Bank turn left and walk til you see the resto!

Seocho Park: Walk back towards the metro and take the 1st/2nd left and walk down the street to the main road. Make a left on the main road and walk up the hill. Make a left at the top and walk until you see the park entrance. 

Also cheese fries! Clearly not real cheese, still yummers.

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