Sunday, April 6, 2014

A yada yada update

 Hmmmm, where to start...

Yada yada super awesome school wasn't so great and we had an as mutual as can be breakup. They gave me notice and actually gave me severance! Prorated for the 10ish months I worked, which was nice of them.

So, since my last post in August.

My mom came to visit in October. That week was amazing, she had a really great time and met my friends who loved her. We visited a palace, shopped, ate bbq, had a Confucianist Style Meal at Hakindang House in Jeonju, went to the jjimjilbang and did Dr. Fish and got massages. The attendant at Dr. Fish had to remind my mom to be quiet because she was a squirmer.

I had an amazing leaving party, most of which I don't remember. No pictures, which is a mark of a good night. Supposedly there was bathroom hugs and feeding cake to people, LOL.

I was home just in time for CHRISTMAS!!! I got a flight for $500, amazing. Not amazing, was being home for the polar vortex. It was freezing and at some points actually wished to be back in Korea, cray! We had a couple snow storms and power outages. It ended up being okay, our street was fine, but the next was out for a couple days.

Great: eating all the Ethiopian food. It really is my favourite and I'm sad it's unavailable in Korea, ah well, I have bbq here.

So yada yada, I saw some amazing live music from my friend Jessica Speziale (check her out if in Toronto) and spent the 2.5 months looking for a job to get back to Korea. It was down to wire, but I got my 1st PUBLIC SCHOOL JOB. Which means...

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