Monday, October 22, 2012

Why did this TAKE so long???

I was gonna start one when I first got here and it was gonna awesome. I was going to post pics of my Jeju Island adventures and my friends and family would and could live vicariously through me. It/my life was gonna be awesome! Yeah that didn’t happen.
Instead I got a job that… didn’t PAY! I can deal with no communication, inconsistent scheduling, wrong books, but I needs to get paid. Long story short, inconsistent payment and warnings from half the island about terrible work practices does not make a great time happen. Eeeeeee.
Turns out I’m a worrier. I had braids when I got to the island and braids are supposed to promote hair growth. I was to unbraid them and all I had to do was get to Seoul to work that out. Instead I got stress alopecia!

Alopecia means loss of hair on the head and body (thank you Wikipedia!). Anywhoo, my body decided to do patches. Not the best look. So, in the 3 weeks it took me to detangle my hair with hair product assistance from a friend, it was done. It did not look great, in fact I wore a (cute) hat all the time, I was that girl. BUT it was getting too HOT to keep going, so I shaved my head.
I figured it would be  a bigger existential crisis, ala an ‘America’s Next Top Model’ makeover episode. Not so much, I looked good with a mohawk and I was badass for the volleyball tournament.
Yada yada the job went under and I got screwed out of money. Though, I did get to experience the Jeju Labour Board on multiple occasions. They were actually really good and my old boss got fined and a criminal record!
Upside: I met the best people who ate cheese with me, kept me sane and had crazy amounts of Eggs Benedict at Winnie's Brunch/Pub with.

Anywhoo, so 6 months on Jeju Island, 1 month in Waegwan squatting (lol) at my best friend’s place looking for a job, and 2.5 months in basically Daegu at an English Village that pays on time. BEST JOB EVER! My standards are quite low, lol.
So, let’s see where this thing takes me. I’m getting paid (!), my hair is growing in and “The Vampire Diaries” and “American Horror Story” are back on tv. My life is going awesome, LOL. Actually travelling around the next 2 weekends. Seoul shopping trip next weekend (I have no pants!) then a Seoraksan & Sokcho East Coast Tour. Seoraksan is a national park so tons of pics!

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