Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seoul pt 4: POUTINE

Saturday cont.

After my fantastic massage at The Foot Shop (other location by IP Boutique Hotel), I headed down to Itaewon to find POUTINE, foreigner grocery stores and a special Skinfood.

The Poutine Factory (Noksapyeong Station, Line 6, Exit 2. Keep walking down the street and it's on the other side, with a very clear sign.)
*UPDATE: Sad face, OUT OF BUSINESS! It's now a milkshake place.
It's a small place, but they make up for it in Canadiana. They had coffee table books, moose crossing signs and moose/RCMP stuffed animals.
Everyone working was incredibly nice.

When I returned my tray, the owner (maybe) came over and asked why I'd left the cheese curds. I told him it was very authentic 'cause I don't like cheese curds and I came for the gravy, which was delicious. He was pleased with the authentic comment and said next time he would give MORE gravy!

He was soooo nice and called me a cab and helped give the cabbie directions on where to take me next.
Worth it: Heck yes! A taste of home is always great and the fries were crisp, the gravy thick and cheese curds were cheese curds, LOL. I think they make everything fresh.

Menu: Yum Yum! Not an everyday occurrence, because you'll get arms length fat, as I tell my kids during Canada class. Definitely a treat!
Website: Poutine Factory


ps. I found the foreigner grocery stores. 

1. High Street Market (Itaewon Station, Line 6, Exit 2. Walk straight about "5" minutes, until you pass the IP Boutique Hotel, on your left. 2nd Floor)
If I lived in Seoul, I would be poor because of this place, but I would be eating like a Queen. Sliced meats, fresh bread, cereal brands from home, PESTO and a variety of vegan acceptable food. I bought a pack of English muffins, because I felt I should buy something and I was searching. 

2. Foreigner Food Market (Itaewon Station, Line 6, Exit 3. Walk straight, turn right after Dunkin Donuts and Mr. Kebab. Walk up the hill and it's on your left.)
Cheese balls! Liz Lemon would love this place. A variety of frozen meat, canned anything and tons of middle eastern food. Also a great place, less expensive than High Street Market.

Skinfood is my new The Body Shop. I love all the products, except for ones with whitening, obvs. The location at the bottom (West End) of Itaewon is the only location that has the Eggplant Waterproof Mascara Remover. It works so well. 

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