Monday, February 4, 2013

Let us catch up!

Seems my last post was in October. Oops, my bad. That's probably because I wasn't doing a lot/winter blahs. Seriously, I almost had my Canadiana revoked. Actually, the cold here is SOOO different, it gets in your bones and never lets go. That would be the one bonus of living on campus. Never having to leave the building.

Anywhoo, my tenure at the English Village is finished and I'm doing another year in... SEOUL! I'm so excited to move to the big city and continue my quest for eggs benedict. I'm moving to Namyangju, a Seoul suburb, so 30min to 1 hour depending on the website to the city, but on the Metro, so premo  bonus.

I started my job search in November when I found out I wasn't being renewed. I held out for a job, I actually thought was good, because remember what happened, when I jumped at the first offered job. Actually, as my best friend has said, "It got you in the country." So true. I was aiming for Pohang, because the bestie is moving there and it would be nice to be in the same zip code as her. Plus, they have an awesome expat community and a great BEACH! I was on the hook for several jobs, but nothing panned out. Ah well, just means I won't be hanging out at White Boards every night!  Boards is the expat run bar, but reminds you of someone's basement (good thing), except with SQUAT TOLIETS. I will never enjoy them, I go to the Lotteria around the corner. Bonus: they have soju and juice pitchers for 8,000won.

I went home for Christmas vacay, well I met my family in California. My mom was trying for half way, but this was the best she could do, LOL. It was a fantastical trip and seeing my family was so great. My family time resevoir is filled to the brim with family time and food and shopping.

Finally, I'm headed to Seoul tomorrow for a couple days to visit my work and see my apartment! Hopefully, it can accommodate all the grande plans I have for it: couch, microwave oven, etc. It's gonna be a good year!


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