Friday, February 8, 2013

Korea delivers: western food, appliances, etc!

So, it's not that I don't like Korean food, it's just not my favourite. On the world food spectrum: Ethiopian is my favourite and Korean is somewhere not near the top. I do love their jjimjilbang concept though, so great! Also, what is Canadian food anyway? Aside from the obvious poutine and beavertails. That's another discussion.

Anywhoo, I've assembled a list of online and curb side stores that sell foreign (western/other) food, uneasily found herbs, appliances/clothes/couchs, etc. Bonus you can usually pay bank transfers, so no credit cards required! Another thing I love about Korea!

 Gmarket: The standard (no food) for shopping junkies and the thing people miss most when they leave, though they do ship internationally. While they have an English website, it can be pretty confusing the first time around and something like extras are still in Korean. Hopefully, you have Korean co-worker/friend who can translate. The pay scheme can be confusing too, but the animal oneies, furniture, clothes, shoes, etc. make it worth it! Gonna buy my couch off here.

The Arrival Store: The Arrival destination. You can buy bedding, house appliances and basic foreign food. You can get a phone too: different plans. They deliver to the airport and payment options like 2 month deferred to help you get settled. I'm getting my bedding for the new place from here!

High Street Market: They deliver to Jeju now! Check out what I wrote about this and the Foreign Food Market before. They also have single portions of lasagna and other delicious treats!

Alien's Bake Shop: Satisfy your craving for homemade, cruelty-free goodies. All items are vegan are made using organic, unrefined cane sugar and organic soy milk. And yet, it's mighty tasty. I've had: Apple pie jam cookies, Pomegranate cranberry cookie bits, Ginger molasses cookies, Gluten free chocolate chip cookies and the Marble cake. All DELICIOUS, SCRUMPTIOUS and other adjectives. She also makes postcards and custom cakes (pickup only).

Gavin's Sausages: He's a Scottish butcher living in Seoul for many years. He makes authentic sausages, meat pies, ham and bacon! There's even a delivery service.
Storefront: basement of Shinsegae Department Store in Myeongdong, Line 6. 

Nice Market: Just found this one. Sells fresh herbs, kitchen appliances and food at reasonable prices.

Costco: They deliver! Membership rules still apply for 35,000won. The Korean version Emart Traders is also great, not sure if they deliver, but no membership fee!

I'm sure there are others. I'll update as I find!

Happy eating, shopping!


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