Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weaving in Daegu

I'm actually quite proud of the post title. It could allude to getting a weave or weaving through traffic. Both of which happened yesterday!

It never occurred to me to go to the army base (Camp Walker) to get my hair done.

Easy, simple, cheap and well done.
Pat did a fantastic job! She's a Nigerian living in Korea for 6 years. Perfect English and is popular among the army people/workers/brats (?), I don't know the classification. Anywhoo, she has look books filled with braids, weaves, dread locks, and white girl braids.

It was relatively cheap at $140US or 160,000won and came with 2 full bags of hair. The hair was good quality as well, with curly or straight choices. 

She was really personable, but as with most hair stylists when her friends showed she proceeded to have loud convos in Nigerian. Aside from that, it
was fantastic and would highly recommend her and go back there, if I wasn't moving to Seoul.

I look so purdy! This picture actually reminds me, I need new glasses. So scratched, I can barely see.  Onwards to Seoul!

Directions: Take the #730 from the mass transit zone in Downtown Daegu and get off the stop after the Palace Hotel. Walk back and make a left towards the gate #4. Ps: If you take this bus from Chilgok, you see the Citizen Stadium and the Spectrum City Emart!


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