Sunday, February 17, 2013

Miss. M Pie

The next couple days are gonna be goodbye dinners and last minute finding of cute shops in Daegu.

Today, Carrie, Elana and I went glasses shopping. Eye exam, lenses and frames were $40 bucks. That's amazing, considering my last pair from Canada were probably around $200. We all got 2 pairs, LOL. We had to it was soooo cheap.

 The owner was so nice and had decent English. He gave us drinks! It was easy and we were in and out in less than an hour!
Directions: From the Chilgok Donga, cross the street and walk in the direction of HomePlus. It's a couple doors down from the Paris Baguette cafe.

Next we headed to downtown Daegu, did a little underground shopping, leggings shopped in Uniqlo and bought many different Skinfood products. We were gonna do lunch at Lazy Diner, but it was an hour wait, so we decided to pie it up!

Lazy Diner is amazing. I think it's better than Travelers. Anyways, they have a brunch set with pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash brown (real!), bacon (real!), and breakfast sausages. It's delicious and well worth the 8,900won.

Anyways, the shop is super cute and very cozy with limited seating. All the pies are made fresh everyday.  Today we went with the Strawberry Shortcake, Pecan Pie, Tiramisu and Lemon Meringue.

C loved her Shortcake. The pecan is actually made with walnuts, but the consistency and texture was still the same and wasn't too overpowering in regards to sugar. I didn't like the tiramisu which means it was great. I ordered the wrong pie, LOL.

The lemon meringue was DELIGHTFUL. It was light, the right amount of tart and the crust was great. Yum!

Miss. M is so sweet with limited English, my girls go there every weekend so they practice their Korean/English with each other. She might also give you free stuff if you're a regular. Today we got free full sized coffees and she warmed the milk!

Directions: Travelers/Lazy Diner: From the 2.28 Memorial Park walk down the Novotel side of the  street to basically the end and look up! 

Directions: From the 2.28 Memorial Park walk down the street until Francisco coffee shop (green). Make a right down the alley (Nail Salon Alley) 2ish blocks and it's on the right.

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