Sunday, February 17, 2013


 Valentines Day 2013: I had the perfect date. The bestie and I had a 3 course meal at a great Italian restaurant in downtown Gumi. Her bf was at a school dinner so I made a fabulous substitute.

First off, this place had an amazing atmosphere. I love a good tree in  the middle of a cafe/restaurant. The music was quiet, but listenable. It was also western style service: water immediately refilled and substitutions were allowed, that never happens!

 Some stuff was still way Korean, like WHIPPED CREAM with your bread. Who decided that was a good idea, LOL. It's okay the bread was warm and quite tasty. 

Chicken Salad canap√©s 

The potato soup with bacon bits and croutons was delicious. It was a great size and it was made with real potatoes. You could tell because it didn't taste like you were eating fat, which is a bonus! 

The main courses were delicious. I'm in love with squid ink anything so I got the squid ink gorgonzola pizza. I also love gorgonzola anything! Anyway, it came with honey which was great. Only downside, way too many sliced almonds, it made the texture weird.

 V got a cream pasta and substituted(!) for tortellini pasta and it was delicious. To complete the meal, you got an after dinner drink. I got a hot chocolate and my date got some lemon tea. Both went down great after a not too heavy meal. Definitely recommended and a return visit.

Directions: Gumi Station, exit out the back escalator. Take a quick left and make a right down the first street (CU on the corner). Walk to the end of street (it's a couple minutes) and make a right at the lights. Walk down the street, it's beside Cafe Droptop.

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