Friday, February 8, 2013

Imagination vs. Reality: Job Edition

 My imagination can get away from me sometimes and when reality comes around it can suck.

After talking with the current teacher at my new school, I had these grand designs about the job/apartment, etc. It's not his fault, my head just got away from me. 

Visiting the school this week was great. It's really cute and not sterile like my first job. The rooms are all named after planets: Jupiter, Mars, Uranus (haha), etc, there's a library filled with YA novels, I won't begrudge them the Twilight I saw and other education centric work books. The curriculum seems interesting and it'll be fun to teach. 

The kids were cute and were very interested in seeing the new teacher! My co-workers all seemed nice and supposedly super helpful according to the vacating teacher. The director was nice, a little awkward, his English wasn't THE BEST, but we were able to communicate. 

I'm moving up a week early for (paid!) training and living in a hotel for the week, 'cause the teacher's leaving on the 1st. At the motel there was something about having my bags in the room would cost extra, because they have to clean or something. Seems fishy, but it'll get sorted when I move in. 

Now the most important thing: The APARTMENT.
All in all, I really can't complain. I've got a big bed (less than Queen more than a double), a decent sized bathroom, a kitchen with many cabinets, a double sink and usable pots and pans. 

I can still assemble my "dream Korean apartment." A couch will fit nicely, maybe a kitchen island for additional appliances like the toaster oven I'm getting.

Minor complaints (had to make them):  No actual closet, just a hanging rack which counts apparently; a dorm size fridge, no racks/cabinet in the bathroom. It seems I was very spoiled in my tenure on Jeju at Marion House. 

So, I'm still excited for my job. I will choose my battles. As my BFF told me yesterday while getting day drunk because we on vacay (!!) she will slap me if I complain. Especially since at the the end of the day: I'm getting paid more, my job is easy, my apartment is decent and even though I'm on the outskirts of the boonies, my area is central and 2 minutes from the subway/bus into Seoul!!! 

With my imagination now grounded in reality. I'm excited for the new year, meeting new people and continuing on my project: Eggs Benedict Seoul!


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