Saturday, October 27, 2012

Seoul pt 2: Eggs Benedict


So, I leave Spa Lei and oh it's pouring rain. FUN! I love finding places when it's raining. After getting highway robbed the umbrella price, I went searching for the 5 story Forever 21 in Sinsa-dong. Turns out Sinsa is a pretty hip/rich area. There's a bunch of clothing boutiques, fancy restos, Burt's Bees has its OWN store (not a kiosk) and they're getting a Godiva chocolate soon. Anyway, I also found The Flying Pan.

The Flying Pan- white (Sinsa Station, Line 3, Exit 8. Walk straight to the J Tower building, turn left at the next street AND an Itaewon location)
It's been described as one of the best brunches in Seoul. I've been burned before: Suji's (West end of Itaewon) was horrible. The hollandaise sauce tasted like I tried to make it in my blender*. I was gonna skip and head over to the Comfort Zone (Hyewa, Line 4, Exit 4) like I'd originally planned, but it was raining. However, the Flying Pan was YUM!

It was really good, but a few complaints and compliments as per usual, LOL.  Those yellow clumps were the hollandaise sauce. It was also cold and sorta tasted like ricotta/cottage cheese. It wasn't disgusting but not the best.

So-so: If you can get english muffins on Jeju Island, you should be able to get it in Seoul. Anyways, the bread was like a ciabatta bun. It was actually tasty. I was worried when the waiter told me it was bread. I've gotten benedict on Texas toast (really thick white bread) and it was not good.

Great: The eggs were runny and the salmon was seriously delicious and fresh. The bread actually worked well with the meal, despite what I said above. The pictures I saw beforehand and mine(!) look a croissant, which would've been really nice.

Ambivalent: The mood lighting. It was 11am, it seemed like a pretty kid friendly and it was RAINING. The place should've been brighter, especially since it was already dark outside. I like seeing my food, thanks.

Worth it: 16,000won --  Try once. The benedict also comes with ham. Overall the resto is really expensive for everyday. Most meals between 15,000-20,000won. I am glad I experienced it so I can cross it off my list.

*I did find and try a blender hollandaise sauce. It did not work. So gross, LOL.


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