Saturday, October 27, 2012

Obsession: Pinterest

Check out my Pinterest. Where it is proven I would make an excellent obscenely wealthy person! Where I silently judge people for not having the same "filing" system as me. What use is this awesome product if I don't know who made it!?!?!?!?

Where I succumbed to a wedding board. So many ideas!!! As the board name says its in the super future, so in the future we'll have hover boards like we promised in the 60s. Well hopefully not that in the future, but you get my drift. Where I have a fascination for watches so expensive you coulda bought a car! Where I like my boards tidy. No errant food in the animal section, coats in the bag section, etc. 

I'm trying to get a widget/gadget link on the front page, so here's the link in the meantime:


ps. Plus all the baby animals will make your day!

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