Saturday, October 27, 2012

Seoul pt. 3: Massage

Saturday cont.

So after I satisfied my eggs benedict craving, I headed off to Myeongdong for 2 H&M's and a Forever 21 (Myeongdong Station, Line 4, Exit 6. Make a left and keep walking 'til you see it.)

I love this area and is def. in my Top 5 places to live if I move to Seoul. There's so much happening and sooooo much shopping. There's 2 Uniqlo (Japanese brand) that are like 5 stories each.

H&M Noon Square (Euljiro 1, Line 2, Exit 6. Walk 230m, on the left). They are both fantastic and yeah me it was SALE time. My most favourite time of year. I finally got the leggings/tights I was searching for. I can wear skirts again, until the pants my mom bought me get here!

 I discovered The Foot Shop. It was fantastic. Massage galore in a clean, warm and atmospheric environment. Mine kind of place. I forgot to take pics of the interior, 'cause I was soaked but it reminded me of home.

The front desk lady was super nice and had business English. You got a foot soak before you entered the massage area and you had the chose of regular or Dr. Fish. Yup the fish eat your dead skin. I'd done it before and it works, it just tickles ALOT.

Anyway, I got the Shoulder and Foot Massage, 60min for 44,000won. 40 Min Foot Massage, 24,000won. I saw cheaper down the street, but ambience and cleanliness was worth it. I'm fickle about my massages.

I got a choice of Hard or Soft. I chose medium. It was AMAZING. It was one where you were like "okay this is the end point" and it keeps going. Fantastic.

   You get green tea before and after the visit. You also get lockers for your stuff. One for shoes, one for personals, etc. They even had a basket for my glasses! I highly recommend this place if you're down in Myeongdong. There's also a location in Itaewon by the IP Boutique Hotel. CASH ONLY

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