Saturday, October 27, 2012

Seoul Shopping Trip

Seoul shopping trip! I went because I'm was (still am) in desperate need of some clothes. I've been living in my Lulu Lemons for the past month since the weather's changed to COLD! I used to live in my jeans, which is probably why my 2 American Eagle jeans I brought over died back on Jeju and then they never got replaced. At that point I was living In shorts because it was HOT! My new job is a wearing suits to class type of place. How wearing a suit helps teach kids, no idea but I digress, no jeans.

So, I set a budget, figured out where to go (H&M, Forever 21), where to stay, what subway exits to use etc. It was a couple solid days (hours) of planning. I can be anal about stuff sometimes and I can't get it out of my head and i just wanted things to go smoothly. Oh and I was on a quest for eggs Benedict!

There would be more pictures, but it was raining all weekend, sad face. Also, the Poutine Factory (YES!). 

Turns out the train to Seoul was SOLD OUT. Oops, so I took the BUS, after 3 attempts for the right bus terminal. First, I went to the Dongbu Bus Terminal, because that's the Pohang bus and I just figured for sure that's where to go. Turns out it's the terminal across the street from the train station. FACE PALM! All the counter lady's were nice and tried to explain 'Express Bus Terminal.' Note: Train attendants have more English than bus attendants. 

The bus was actually fantastic. Super comfy and spacious. Although, why is the bus more expensive than the train??? 24,000 ($24) won to 19,200 ($19) won? Makes no sense. 

I arrived later than planned so I only did one H&M. I went to the brand new IFC Mall (Yeouido Station, Line 5 exit 7 or Line 9 exit 6). It's in the Finance district so its fancy brands and really expensive restaurants. The first Hollister in Korea is here!

Jjimjilbang - Spa Lei (Sinsa Station, Line 3 Exit 5. Walk straight, turn left 2 blocks, across from Riverside Hotel)
Why get a hotel when you can sauna it up! 12,000won for 12 hours. This women only spa is amazing. I've been here several times and it's my favourite for spending the night. There's cubicles for private sleeping and an open floor. There's extra floor mats, "pillows" and BLANKETS! The floor is also heated. Warning. If you're a light sleeper, it's not the best. You can hear murmers from downstairs and has a light up sign. Average English signage. Upstairs, they have a patio/pool. I've never been able to take advantage, because it's always been raining. The food is really good as well. No English or pictures however. You should know a few Korean food words, cause the nice lady cooks don't know much English. No mandu-gu (dumpling soup), but the bulgogi soup is good. 

Website: Spa Lei


Dragon Hill Spa (Sinyongsan Station, Line 4, Exit 4. Go straight out of the exit for 150m/5 min; Yongsan Station, Line 1, Exit 1. Go towards My Wedding Hall Buffet (마이웨딩홀부페). The sauna is located next to the buffet) If you want 8 floors of awesome! Sleeping is an open space, no blankets, no heated floors. I've found the people here are less considerate and are chatty in the sleeping area. Impressive amount of English signage, also Japanese. 

Website: Dragon Hill Spa

Ooh this got long. Saturday up next. 

- kilmosnaps

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